Doctor shows information on blackboard: thyroid

Hypothyroid is a condition in which thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain crucial hormones. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism , if thyroxine levels are very low , many of the body’s functions slow down. Followings are some tips to manage hypothyroidism :-

  1. Regular exercise is very important to maintain a healthy thyroid.
  2. Healthy diet is important for living well with hypothyroidism.
  3. Limit alcohol intake.
  4. Manage stress levels through yoga and Meditation.
  5. Rest at least 6-8 hours daily.
  6. Avoid processed and canned foods.
  7. Meditation taken in proper manner is absolute necessary for thyroid and regular check up from doctor is also important
  8. Calcium rich food is necessary.
  9. Eat high fiber diet.
  10. Iodine intake management.
  11. Drink enough water.
  12. Increases complex carbohydrates in your diet.