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Experience the Power of India’s 1st Award Winning Health Kiosk.

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Revolutionary Healthcare Ecosystem Screen 50+ Health Parameters, Teleconsultation, ABDM Integrated System.

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Simplify life with the hCare mobile app. Get easy access to your health numbers, track trends, and find support to improve your well-being.

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Mobile Health Clinic

Bringing convenient healthcare services to community, bridging the gap in access to vital care.

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Revolutionizing healthcare for a healthier future

We differentiate ourselves by building scalable healthcare solutions through technology. Our vision is to make primary and preventive healthcare affordable and accessible through an IoT-enabled platform.

India Health Link hPod. India's first health ATM

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Empowering Health Through US-Led Technology and Data Privacy

Experience the future of health technology with hPod, brought to you by India Health Link. Our 30 years of US-led technology R&D ensure a brand built on innovation and excellence. With HIPAA certification, we prioritize user data privacy. Explore our cloud-based platform for secure real-time monitoring, empowering you with actionable insights.

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