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IHL is a digital and physical health company. The hPod+ screens 50+ health parameters less than 10 minutes which include BCA, BMI, ECG, BP, Blood sugar, Lipid profile, CBC and many more. It can be installed at hospitals, clinics, corporate offices, schools, Government, and other locations, providing primary care. It contains several FDA- and CE-approved diagnostic devices. The camera, touch screen, and noise-canceling microphone enable quick video consultations with expert doctors.

Lack Of Robust corporate Wellness Programs Are Costing Indian Organizations Up To $20 Billion Each Year Assocham Study.

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Become our partner

Enterprise & CSR

We help a company to be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.


Integrated health and wellness solution for public health care.

Hospital & Clinics

Patient self check-in kiosks and telehealth kiosk solutions.

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