It is an integrated self-service unit with bidirectional real time connectivity to the IHL portal to give you a holistic health and wellness platform.

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Internet/network (3G/4G enabled) connected

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Email,Print or access online your test results

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Video conferencing and Telemedicine

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RFID reader - for employee login

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FDA and HIPAA compliant

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Secure and private

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Biometric login

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One account to use any kiosk in the country

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Change language to local language option

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Integration into existing employer systems


Gaining access to the right health information, understanding it, and acting on it is more difficult than it should be. But why should it be? Everyone wants to look, feel and live healthy. What does that mean and, more importantly, how do we get there? These are the questions we at India Health Link with our technology partners have set out to answer. And we bring to you an integrated health management system.

Connected healthcare delivery with one comprehensive healthcare management solution from EHR to PHR, that collects all your health records, lab results,allergy information, immunization, and diagnostics in one place.

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Our integrated software solution is an advanced data management solution that significantly improves the efficacy of wellness and managed-care programs. It enables the tracking of individual and aggregate biometric data to improve the overall outcome of health programs.

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Health improvement and management has never been this fun. With our proprietary user engagement based gamified model powered with IHL score,achievements, group goals and challenges and rewards, we make wellness and getting healthy addictively fun.

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One of the many features of our integrated services is curated diagnosis and recommendations based on the screening results. We provide comprehensive reports containing users history and health measures with links to resources as next steps to the health kiosk diagnostics.

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Using cutting edge pattern recognition algorithms and population health analysis, IHL provides automated analysis and predicts outliers in your data.

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IHL Mission

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No or low cost access to users, proven reduction in healthcare costs

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Reliable test results with FDA approved medical devices

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Increase patient awareness and responsiveness by dynamic delivery of health education

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Advancing preventive care culture for timely care.