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General Questions

Want to know more about India Health Link as a company, find your answers below. 

India Health Link was founded in 2013, by Dr. Satyender Goel, the Founder & CEO of India Health Link with a mission to make Primary and Preventive Healthcare accessible to all through hPod. 

hPod or Health Pod or Health ATM is a machine that helps in getting health results in an easier way, without having to run around in different places. One can test 20+ Health Parameters in a matter of minutes and get instant results for the same. These tests include ECG, Blood Pressure, BMI, BCA, Height, Weight, etc. 

IHL offers a range of comprehensive health and wellness services that include: 

  • Weight Management 
  • Food and Exercise Journal (Automated Logging) 
  • Step Counter 
  • Disease Management 
  • Online Consultation from Qualified Professionals for Primary and Specialty care
  • Medicine and Lab Orders 
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Behavioral health Counseling
  • Fitness and Wellness Classes
  • Corporate Wellness offerings including Financial Planning, Support Groups, etc. 
  • Events and Programs for Employee Engagement

IHL has built a health e-commerce platform for users as well as vendors, where: 

  • Any eligible vendor can offer their wellness services at their selected rate.
  • Users can choose from a range of services based on cost, ratings, languages, and other parameters as per their convenience. 
  • This platform allows services to be delivered with the IHL Environment (via the hCare App) for the security of user’s data or share any data from their profile. 

FAQs on hPod

The clinical accuracy of vitals signs tested via the hPod is more than 97%, which is considered as a very good indication as per the industry standards.

The hPod offers a self-service, walk-in health-screening for 50+ vital health parameters including BP, Weight, SpO2, BMI, BMC, Pulse, Temperature, and ECG, followed by an instant report. 

The hPod is completely non-interventional and automated for self-screening. However, first time users require some assistance in certain demographics. 

Yes. The hPod supports vernacular languages. 

There are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind while installing an hPod. These are:

  • The size of the hPod is 3X3 sq. ft with a height of 6 ft. 
  • It requires a single phase AC Power Supply of 230 volts. with a 6 AMPS power socket. 
  • The internet bandwidth should be stable with it being enough to upload/download 10 KB of data per use. 

Organizations are recommended to work with the IHL team for creating and implementing a program as per their needs.

There is a process that needs to be followed, which is: 

Post the contract signing process, IHL engages a project manager to complete the implementation process. The project team, along with the customer has a project commencement meeting, followed by system deployment, platform configuration, and training to launch the system. 

FAQs on hCare

Yes. The hCare App is available on both App Store and Play Store.

The hCare App provides the following services: 

  • Personalised Fitness and Diet Plans  
  • Group Workout Sessions 
  • Wellness Expert Counseling
  • Community-based Health Services 
  • Health & Nutritious Tips 
  • Motivational Tips 
  • Health & Wellness E-Newsletters 
  • Health Experts Online Show
  • Emotional and Mental Counseling 

Yes. You can keep a track of all your data, whether it is your heart health, the calories you have consumed, the steps you have taken, etc. 

Ans. Login to your account > Go to Online Services > Click on Teleconsultation

Download the hCare App > Click on Sign In if you already have an account. 

Download the hCare App ? Click on Sign Up > Fill in the required details like your name, age, weight, etc. > Log into your account.

The Heart Health Management Program will help you to understand your heart health score . According to your heart health score ,  we will provide you with a diet and exercise recommendation to manage your health.

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