India Health Link’s hPod Kiosk is the solution
that can solve your issues.

The hPod allows organizations, MSMEs, and clinics to save thousands of lives and stem ballooning healthcare costs with early screening and checkups.

5.8 million people die from NCDs (heart and lung diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes) every year

India has a doctor-to-patient ratio of 0.74:1000.

India stands to lose $6.2 trillion due to NCDs between 2012 and 2030

Health issues have a cascading effect on the productivity and job performance of employees in any organization. A single hPod kiosk in a corporate environment uses the power of engagement to drive employee wellbeing programs and prevent significant losses in productivity.

Higher wellness also leads to better retention and higher employee satisfaction, benefitting both the employee and the organization.

hPod’s Benefits


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