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(Effective 04/10/2017)


  1. This policy applies to all Grievances arising out of the use of any of the services of India Health Link Pvt. Ltd., a body corporate registered in India with its Registered Office at SCO-394, New Grain Market, Karnal, 132001 (herein after referred to as the ‘Company’)and applies to all its services delivered through its portal viz: and the IHL Kiosks operating at different locations in India.


  1. The official currently designated as a Grievance Redressal officer (herein after called the GRO) for the purpose of Grievance Redressal is


Name: Ramakanta Behera, (CCO)


E Mail:


  1. Every grievance that any person (complainant) reports to GRO shall identify the complainant and the nature of the complaint clearly


  1. The grievance report as received will be automatically documented with a unique ID and acknowledged.


  1. The GRO will make a preliminary assessment of the registered grievance and identify if it is in the nature of a technical error or requires resolution under Section 79 of Information Technology Act 2000. (ITA 2000)


  1. Grievances of technical nature will be responded by the GRO in consultation with the technical team.


  1. Where the grievance is assessed as a notice under Section 79 of ITA 2000, the GRO shall initiate necessary remedial action within 3 working days of receipt of the notice.


  1. Where the notice is not in conformity with the requirements of ITA 2000 the company reserves the right to respond within such other reasonable time as it may deem fit.


  1. Where the notice is based on the contractual agreement between the complainant and the Company, the GRO will proceed as per the terms of the agreement.


  1. No grievance will be registered unless the person making the complaint completes the grievance report form including his full name, Physical address and E Mail address.


  1. On receipt of the reference, the GRO shall take necessary steps including collecting the response from other affected persons and arrive at a suitable decision based on the documentary evidence presented before him/her.


  1. In the event the parties to the grievance indicate that are not satisfied with the resolution of the GRO, the GRO shall forward the complaint along with the details of resolution arrived at to designated appeal authority


  1. In the event the parties to the grievance are not satisfied with the decision of the appeal authority, the matter may be referred to “Arbitration” through an arbitration facility either in Delhi or through an appropriate Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism under the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 subject to laws in India.


  1. Any grievance arising between an user and any party other than the Company, but arising out of the services rendered by the Company shall be resolved by them independent of the Company subject to the following.


  1. The users may in the absence of any contractual agreement to the contrary, are deemed to agree to use the arbitration process suggested for resolution of grievance between the members and the Company.


  1. Where the members are not satisfied with the decision of the arbitration or where the dispute is subject to mandatory adjudication by a competent judicial body, the appropriate judicial authority having jurisdiction in Delhi or such other jurisdiction to which they mutually agree to shall be approached by the parties for resolution.


  • The role of the Company in such dispute resolution process is limited to providing assistance to the grievance resolution authority by way of providing information that may be available with the Company which may be required for the resolution.
innovative healthcare organization focused on improving access to healthcare through technology

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