Over the last decade, the contribution of telehealth as a driving force for timely care, has become significantly important and relevant for the management of chronic and non-communicable diseases globally due to the huge consumer demand and growing shortage of physicians.  According to a report by The National Centre for Biotechnology Information, NCBI, 50% of […]

Hypertension is recognized as one of the three major risk factors for coronary heart disease. The other two major risk factors are smoking and high cholesterol. Hypertension and high cholesterol are closely linked. When blood pressure becomes abnormally high, the arteries become hardened and narrowed with cholesterol plaque and calcium (atherosclerosis) due to which heart […]

Curry leaf is also known as “kaddi patta”. Curry leaf is very popular leaf spice used in very small quantities for its aroma and bioactive constituents. They are rich in medicinal and nutraceutical properties. Indian cuisine experts, especially in South India made it a habit to include curry leaves in their daily diet. Curry leaves […]

There is a popular saying, “You are what you eat?” but it is not entirely true because, “You are what you absorb.” Proper nutrients are needed for proper functioning of the body. Intestine is a highly specialized organ, responsible for digestion of food and absorption of its nutrients. With a balanced and nutritious diet, a […]

Blood circulation brings oxygen and essential nutrients to every cell in the body. A person needs healthy levels of fat as well as optimum blood pressure to improve blood circulation and to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Genetic and environmental factors also have a role to play in having a healthy heart. Balanced diet […]

Cardiovascular diseases include the several type of conditions related to the heart. The causes of heart disease are high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise, alcohol and tobacco use. There are certain other factors that affect a healthy heart such as: –  Elevated levels of Homocysteine: – Homocysteine is an amino […]

Recent evidence suggests chronic emotions and stress can predispose people to heart diseases. Stress can be caused by several reasons – physical, emotional change or a change in the normal environment that requires adjustment. How we react to stress can lead to a variety of health problems or help sustain. Research considers social stress as […]

Metabolism is the process of body which converts the food into energy. Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that body undergoes every day to keep us alive. The metabolic rate and body weight are linked. The metabolism rate varies according to the individual. Those with slow metabolism tend to have more calories, which get […]