Family eating breakfast at table

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, whatever you do you have to keep moving”  By Martin Luther King Jr.

Health is linked more closely to lifestyle than anything else. Lifestyle Modification involves altering long term habits, typically of eating  and physical activity and maintaining new behaviour for life. Lifestyle Modification can be used to treat a range of diseases including obesity, hypertension, heart problems etc. Lifestyle modification is a magical , sustainable and motivating, it changes the way a person thinks and behave. It also teaches a person to respect own body. Making a lifestyle changes involves an internal and permanent changes in relationships with eating habits, and physical activity.


The goal of hypertension treatment is to lower high blood pressure and protect important organs like heart, brain etc. A person can lower his blood pressure by following certain points

1.Losing weight , If a person is overweight
2. Add more of fruits, vegetables in diet
3.Reduce the sodium in diet
4.Have Bananas in diet
5.Avoid sugary, processed and canned food
6.Regular exercise
7. Quit smoking


Lifestyle changes helps to lose weight. To manage weight, an individual ‘s need to adopt healthy and balanced diet. Discipline in eating food is very important . A person can reduce his body weight by following certain points

1. Have fibre rich diet which includes green vegetables and fruits.
2. Have whole cereals and grains.
3.Avoid junk , processed, fried foods and of course soft drinks.
4.Limit your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates.
5.Use smaller plates and portions.
6.Eat slowly and chew properly.
7.Regular exercise.
8.Get enough sleep.