Research has proven that long hours of desk work increase health hazards like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, raised cholesterol and osteoarthritis. Following are some tips to get rid of workplace health problems

  1. Regular healthy breakfast is very essential.
  2. A person should bring his own lunch to the office.
  3. Try to avoid sugary drinks, soda, sugary and fried snacks.
  4. Eat healthy snacks during mid-meals.
  5. Modern consumption of coffee is recommended.
  6. Drink enough water throughout the day to maintain hydration levels.
  7. Try to be physically active.
  8. Adequate and proper sleep is very important.
  9. Take small breaks during working hours.
  10. Simple exercises like stretching and walks can be done.
  11. A person should enhance his health with fresh air, sunshine and water.
  12. Desk  and chair should be of appropriate height so that a person can sit comfortably.
  13. Learn to manage stress level through yoga and meditation.