Businessman uses smart watch and phone. Smartwatch concept.
  1. Regular exercise is the most effective  way to manage pulse rate and heart diseases. E.g. Walking.
  2. Manage stress level to manage pulse rate by Yoga and Meditation .
  3. Eat healthy and balanced diet.
  4. High quality protein is very important such as beans, low-fat dairy products.
  5. Consume whole grains like Barley, Bajra, Oats, Quinoa, whole wheat flour , whole wheat bread.
  6. Go for colored fruits and vegetables.
  7. Avoid soft drinks, sugary drinks etc.
  8. Consume homemade soups, buttermilk.
  9. Avoid fatty and fried food.
  10. Avoid processed and junk food items.
  11. Stay hydrated.
  12. Cut back on salt ( avoid table salt ).
  13. Quit smoking.
  14. Reduce alcohol intake.