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Obesity is one of the biggest health problem in the world. It travels with other diseases, which combined kills millions of people per year. It is a condition where a person has accumulated excess of  fat in the body.  India is the third largest population of obese people.  According to WHO ,” world-wide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.

Main causes of obesity:                                                                

1. Consuming more calories :- People are consuming more food than their requirements. It leads to obesity.

2.Leading a sedentary life style:- With the arrival of television, computers, videogame, remote controls and other modern devices , people are leading sedentary lifestyle as compared to their parents and grand parents. Children who have a television in their bedroom are much more likely to obese or over weight than kids who do not have.

3.Lack of sleep:- Sleep deprivation significantly increased obesity risk in people. Proper sleep is very important.

4.Poor dietary habits:- Obesity doesn’t happen overnight. It develops gradually a result of poor diet.

a. Eating large amount of processed food or fast food.

b. Eating food at restaurant frequently.

c. Eating large portion of food than requirement.

d. Excess use of sugary food in diet.

e. Drinking too much alcohol.

5.Absence of physical activity:- Absence  of physical exercise is an important factor related to obesity.

6. Genetics:- Certain genetics traits inherited from parents such as slow metabolism or having a large appetite, can make losing weight more difficult. However, it certainly does not make it impossible. In many cases where obesity runs in families , may be due to poor eating habits learned during childhood.

7. Medical Conditions:- Some genetics syndrome and endocrine disorder can cause overweight or obesity.

Improving eating habits  and increasing physical activity play a vital role in  preventing obesity.


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