India Health Link is a new age wellness company that is providing a unique mix of digital and physical offerings to build better healthcare systems in India. IHL is aiming to prevent the millions of deaths from preventable non-communicable diseases every year. With a severe lack of doctors and healthcare professionals, IHL’s tool bridge the gap between what is needed and what can be done.

IHL’s HPod Health Kiosk is a self-serving digital kiosk where individuals can get medical screening done automatically within just minutes. IHL’s Care Suite connects HPod’s to a network of healthcare professionals that provide comprehensive healthcare.

Hospitals and clinics in India are challenged with a lack of efficient and well-trained personnel. For healthcare facilities in rural areas, the problem is exacerbated as most healthcare providers move to and practice in urban centres.

Integrate teleconsultation in OPDs

With the use of IHL’s hPod digital kiosk and Care Suite wellness platform, hospitals and clinics can integrate health screenings, tests and even teleconsultation into a single device in their OPDs and other locations.

Health Camps

Whether you are partnering with Government agencies or conducting a health camp on your own, hPod is a great asset to have, in order to have higher throughput of patients.

IHL lets hospitals reach patients

Partner today with IHL to expand your hospitals reach and increase the number of patients you can consult.

Learn how IHL’s solution will benefit your hospital or clinic.